30 years on behalf of your success:
Intense ideas. Budget-oriented. Sustainable.

Trade show - an embedded concept ...

We love to act within a clear marketing concept - to bring you forward instead of selling arbitrary designs.

Starting from the knowledge of professional advertising agencies our business over the years developed to a full service provider in international trade show business. So we melted the best of both:
thinking in marketing targets, creativity in performance, know how in organization, and experience in technical demands - to the recognized work spectrum we offer today.

Messebau Entwurf und Messe Planung
Aufbau Messehalle Arbeitsansicht

... from  design to construction...

More than 30 years practice in the middle of trade show business mean a broad range of experience you can profit from.

Knowing most of the important venues in Germany and Europe as well as a lot of their organizers, own CAD, with highly flexible manpower, own material and euipment warehouse, in-house large print and lettering capabilities and last not least our experienced graphics studio gives us the advantage to be prepared for the organizational and technical demands, which can be so different from place to place.  ... we'll deliver.

... for long term relationships

Lasting relationships in times of globalization and ever more rapid transformation are a compliment to service and quality of the service provider. We had and have the chance to accompany the very most of our clients through many of their stadiums of change and internationalization reinventing their presentations according all new marketing and design guidelines. In average we serve our customers between four and seven years, some shorter and some much longer. We'd be appreciated to welcome you in this circle - driven by reliability.

Kundenbindung im Messebau

Tall or small - each one has a mission

We want you to be seen

Our visual concepts are unique not off-the-shelf solutions making little and large spaces remarkable, recognizable and sustainable. Which doesn’t mean compellingly let’s spend a lot of money.



Modern design


Modular solutions

in hardware and services
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